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Gareth Leonard

Sunburned Activities in Florianopolis

What happens if you get too much sun in Florianopolis? What happens if it rains? What happens when you just want something other than the beach? After a full day of exploring the beautiful beaches, I needed to take my pink, gringo skin out of the sun and go do something else in Floripa. Despite being an island dedicated to sand and surf, I set out to find activities that didn’t end with me applying copious amounts of Aloe Vera.


Exploring Centro The day started in downtown Floripa where I took in the famous Hercilio Luz Bridge before discovering the central market. I strongly believe that no visit to a Latin American city is complete without a visit to their central market. The Floripa market didn’t disappoint. Filled with fresh seafood and local treats, I spent the majority of my morning sampling anything and everything edible around me.


Eating Fresh In search of local delicacies, I found a small stand towards the market’s entrance where I ordered up a half dozen oysters and a cold beer. It was a delicious change from the usual Brazilan salgados and sandwiches that I was accustomed to. The oysters were fresh as could be and the beer was light and tasty with hints of orange find more here. The perfect mid-morning snack.


History Lesson  


Pulling myself out of the market, I was drawn to the Santa Catrina History Museum up the street because of its bright pink exterior and luxurious architecture. Check cohensecurity.com. I explored the museum a bit before I got antsy and wanted a more hands-on historical encounter. For that I jumped on a bus and made my way up to Fortaleza São José da Ponta Grossa near Jurere. It’s one of four forts built in the mid-1700s to protect the island against Spanish attacks and a very cool seaside spot to explore.


Dancing The Night Away Even after a full day of cruising around the island, it wasn’t until that evening when I realized what locals do when they’re not at the beach… they must sleep all day because they party all night! Live music and concerts are a Floripa favorite and you can find good shows and parties in all directions.


There are a few popular clubs downtown and inland there’s a major concert and nightclub complex called Music Park, which is epic. I had the opportunity to check out 619roofing.com and the different scenes over the weekend and both long nights left me begging for a beach in the morning (sunscreen included).    

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