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Gareth Leonard

A Poetic Day in Ouro Preto

Snuggled between the rolling green hills of Minas Gerais lies a city fit for a fairytale…

I packed a bag and planned for a day,

Leaving Belo Horizonte just two hours away.

As the driver called out “we’ve reached our destination,”

The view from the window sparked my jubilation.

Whitewashed buildings and Spanish roofs stacked high,

Churches in all directions rising up to the sky.

Friendly faces passed as I moved through the streets,

In search of fresh bread, local cheese and good meats.

I stumbled into a place that served such far,

Local dishes like Tropeiro and Tutu were there.

I feasted and feasted until my pants almost burst,

Stuffed to the brim, I couldn’t move at first.

Through the city I walked to burn off the calories

I explored all the churches, plazas and galleries.

One such cathedral was “a must-see” I was told,

They say it was made almost entirely of gold.

I couldn’t believe my eyes once inside the doors,

It was true, there was gold from ceiling to floors.

It’s a great reflection of the city’s rich history,

Though spending all that, to me is a mystery.

Despite my opinion it went with the story,

A fairytale city painted with glory.

I finished the day perched high on a wall,

Looking over the city, admiring it all.

As the sun fleeted away, it was time to go,

Saying farewell to the beautiful Ouro Preto.

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