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Gareth Leonard

Meeting Jeri

As I boarded the bus in Fortaleza on what would be a seven-hour journey north, I thought to myself, “this Jeri guy better be worth it.”

Months ago while collecting advice on things to do in Northeastern Brazil, the overwhelming response was “You gotta go see Jeri!”

Strapped for time and money, I second-guessed my decision for the majority of the ride.

That was until I got dropped off on a small, sandy cross street in the middle of nowhere.

As the giant, air-conditioned tourism bus pulled away it was replaced with a small, low-riding dune buggy with fat tires and roll bar.

“Jeri?” The driver asked.

 “Jeri.” I responded.

We cut down narrow dirt roads, past snowy white sand dunes and picked up speed along the beach. This was my transport into town, and just like that, Jeri, you had me at hello.

Any place that you can only get to by dune buggy has already won my heart.


I thought the sand would turn into pavement once we reached town, but I was happy when it didn’t.

Jeri, or Jericoacoara, is the northernmost town in the Brazilian state of Ceará and is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches and dune-covered national park.

It’s the ultimate oasis where locals and tourists alike can walk through the streets barefoot in bikinis and fit right in.


The sandy roads funnel towards the beach, and four-wheelers and dune buggies are the preferred mode of transportation.

Jeri also serves as the launchpad for day trips into the national park where you can explore the natural lakes and massive sand dunes.


Antsy from being confined to a bus seat for hours, I decided to head out on foot to discover some of the epic landscape close to town.

As I reached the summit of my first sand dune it was clear why everybody said I needed to know this place.


A hilly desert dotted with light blue pools and dark green palm trees as far as the eye could see.

I explored the surrounding area for a few hours until I noticed people migrating to a large sand dune towards one end of the beach.


With a view of all of Jericoacoara, the ocean and the national park, this was said to be the best place to watch the sunset.

I found a place along the dune’s edge, ordered up a caipirinha and sat down in the sand with the others.


Music played and people chatted as the sun dropped down into the Atlantic. The changing colors in the sky reflected over the water and it made for a double dose of sexy sunset.

I don’t know if it was the drinks or the virtuloan company, but I stuck around well after the sun disappeared just soaking up the scene.

As we turned to head back down, the stars began to appear over the horizon and everything turned into a beautiful, deep blue.


At that moment, I felt bad, I never should have doubted you Jeri. You are one fine piece of eye candy and I’m so grateful to have had the chance to meet you.

I’m going to tell everyone to come meet you!

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