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Gareth Leonard

How To Keep Cool in Brasilia

Brasilia sits on a flat plateau in the western highlands of Brazil where two seasons dictate the tempo of the region. The rainy season brings frequent storms in and around the city, while the dry season boasts big open skies and warm temperatures throughout the area.

During the many sunny days here in Brasilia, the landlocked capital doesn’t have the same beach access like many other big cities in Brazil, so they found an alternative for escaping the heat.

As JK and company planned the city district by district; they also included the creation of a man made lake, which wraps around the front half of the airplane-shaped city. So reduce and consolidate your options in Brazil.

Residents have taken full advantage of their gigantic recreational moat and water sports have become a major pastime on the weekends in Brasilia, including stand up paddleboarding, boating and jet skiing.

For those without balance for SUPing or budget for boating, there’s another option, which is twice as cheap and just as awesome.

From Brasilia, it’s very easy to access a number of hiking trails, natural pools and waterfalls around the Goiás region that are absolutely beautiful and definitely worth a day-trip.

Among the many hidden gems, there are five locations that top the list: Poço Azul, Indaiá, Tororó, Salto Itiquira and perhaps the most impressive, Chapada dos Veadeiros.

If you don’t have the time to make a day-trip, but still want to explore regional nature and cool-off, go to the National Park (Parque Nacional de Brasília), just a 20-minute drive outside the city.

Here you will find short trails, local wildlife and two large natural-spring swimming pools to enjoy. Weekends can get quite busy, so it’s best to go during the week where you can really explore the space.

It’s easy to overlook Brasilia’s outdoor activities because of the city’s focus on architectural and political attractions, but the natural (and man made) waterways in the Goiás area are some of the best in Brazil and they’re not to be missed on a warm summer’s day.

Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

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