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Gareth Leonard

The Giant Coloring Book Called Sao Paulo

Like blank pages in a kid’s coloring book, the bare buildings of Sao Paulo are just a page turn away from coming alive.

Any white, tan or gray wall doesn’t stand a chance of retaining its mediocrity as creative minds traverse the mega-metropolis in search of their next great canvas.

The vibrant colors and elaborate murals of Sao Paulo’s street art scene captivated me from the moment I arrived in South America’s biggest city.

Over the next three days, I treated Sao Paulo like a giant art gallery as I explored the incredible open-air masterpieces.

One of my primary targets was Beco do Bateman (Batman’s Alley) in the tranquil Vila Madalena neighborhood, home to one of the most concentrated collections of street art in the entire city.

While it’s a large alley dedicated the craft of graffiti, it feels more like you’re passing through a child’s twisted dream than a regular side street. It’s a perfect representation of the dedication these artists commit to creating a piece of Sao Paulo’s character.

The works themselves range greatly, depending on the neighborhood, location and artist. While some opt for artistic or comedic renditions, many utilize the exposure to send a message or tell a story.

My personal favorites are the ones with depictions of people and faces. I think it’s such a great juxtaposition against the cold and lifeless buildings.

I could talk all day about the things I saw or I could provide you with the visual evidence…

Next time I’m in Sao Paulo, I’m going to break out the spray cans and create something myself, that is, if all the walls aren’t taken by then.

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