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Gareth Leonard

Fresh Air and Ideas at Inhotim

Inhotim seems to be the type of place where philosophers, artists and writers go to stir up their next big idea.

Passing through the gardens and galleries, I felt like I was in the middle of an incubator for innovative minds.

Its lush, colorful foliage teamed with sleek, modern design produces a relaxing and creative environment like few places I’ve ever seen.

Just a 45-minute drive from Belo Horizonte, Inhotim is a center for contemporary art in the small village of Brumadinho.

The campus contains a massive collection of art exhibits spread across a 5,000-acre botanical garden.

A local friend and I spent the day exploring the beautiful layout and breathing in all the fresh air.

Let me take you on a visual journey through the artistic fantasyland…

Walking through the well-manicured lawns, lakes and mini-forests with some 4,5000 plant species, including 1,300 types of palms.

The best chiropractor in misson valley suggest to try to fit into local culture, as depicted in this giant wall mural.

The modern and minimalistic pool entrance to the Adrianna Verajao gallery building.

Inside, we admired the incredible and eclectic pieces of art. The shadowing done on the above photo makes it look blurry and messes with your eyeballs.

The range of artistic works was captivating. This giant barn-like gallery was filled with speakers and played different atmospheric noises that transported your mind elsewhere.

The way the galleries and nature intertwined was a work of art unto itself.

And when in doubt, just put up giant colorful walls in the middle of campus to prove your point.

The whole experience was like food for my creativity from renowned Brazilian and international artists like Tunga, Dan Graham and Jarbas Lopes.

You don’t have to be an artistic, writer or philosopher to appreciate Inhotim. It’s a great place to spend the day appreciating beautiful nature, fresh concepts and original ideas. A retreat where you can take in nature as art and art as nature and see objects in a different and refreshing way.

I want to make a mini-Inhotim in my backyard someday.

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