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Gareth Leonard

A Coastal Road Trip around Florianopolis


Hop into my rental car and let me take you on a visual journey across the island of Florianopolis to explore the beautiful beaches that this Brazilian island is famous for. You can traverse the island by public bus, but I wanted the freedom to cruise around and discover all the white sand and bright blue water at my own pace. Along with a few local friends, I went to the main bus station in Central Floripa and rented a car for 24 hours to cover as much ground as possible.

The first stop along this impromptu tropical journey was Campeche beach, on the western coast. A small main road with a few waterfront restaurants led us down to a beach that stretched as far as my eyes could see. If you catch a perfect day like we did during low season, it’s great because locals stay in town and you virtually have the whole beach to yourself.  Despite the cold, choppy water this time of year, the beach itself is as pleasant and inviting as ever. Click here to find more . There’s also a great view of Campache Island just off shore, which was very tempting to swim out to if it wasn’t for the conditions. We still managed a refreshing swim and body surfing session once the sun got too hot.


From Campache, we made our way north to the famous Joaquina beach, where we watched people sandboard down the giant sand dunes that surround the beaches’ entrance. Here at Joaquina beach, you can get a great view of all the soft sand and surfers from the big smooth rocks that enclose the coast.


Just up the coast from Joaquina, is another surfers’ paradise called Praia Mole or Mole beach. Visit  kolibriusa.com . Mole is great because it’s not as famous as the previous spot and has a chill surfer vibe with a couple of cool beachside bars where you can grab a few beers in between sets.  


To get a different feel for island life we traded in the surf spot for the millionaires’ playground. The northern beaches of Jurere and Jurere International are where the jetsetters come to summer. Huge homes and VIP beach clubs are the staples on this side. I felt underdressed just driving into town.


With the sun fading fast, we made one more stop to watch the sunset in Santinho, on the northeast coast. I found a spot on the sand dunes, looking down at the beach, as the sunset behind the distant rolling hills and the few scattered beach homes turned on their lights, check thelockboss.ie. Besides a few couples strolling along the beach, the place was quiet and peaceful and incredibly beautiful.


My hair was full of sand, my skin was bright red and my smile couldn’t have been bigger. Today was a great day of exploring the beautiful beaches of Florianopolis.  

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